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Opti-Pharma offers fume-cupboard scrappage fee

Fume cupboards

Opti-Pharma UK is offering a scrappage allowance to laboratories for their used fume cupboards when they buy a new model.

Apart from the project discount, the client will also have the peace of mind that Opti-Pharma will renovate used cabinets and offer business start-ups the opportunity of receiving much needed cost savings with refurbished units and fan systems.

New cabinets are being installed with energy-efficient variable speed drives that allow systems to operate at reduced power consumption levels; for example, reducing the speed of the fan by 10 per cent (50 to 45Hz) reduces energy use by approximately 20 per cent.Reducing speed by 20 per cent will reduce energy consumption by 50 per cent.

Opti-Pharma also provides control panels that offer a 'night mode' facility, which assists consumption levels by providing a reduced overnight operation.

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