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Give 'em a seat and they'll give you a smile

Opti-Pharma (UK)

Evidence suggests that the old adage 'a happy work-force is a productive work-force' is being largely ignored by many UK organisations

High staff turnover and low productivity are poor ingredients for a successful business future. Why not start to look at your employees working environment - focus on spacial awareness and bodily ergonomics, says Opti-Pharma. Many laboratories are still operating with wooden school-type lab stools - designed to keep students alert for the duration of the class but not for day-in-day-out comfort for the occupant. Opti-Pharma UK supplies quality laboratory seating at realistic prices, it says. All seats are gas-assisted, have comfy - wipe clean polyurethane seats, with lumber support backs and include sturdy high-polished chrome footrings and bases.

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