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Opti-Pharma provides refurbishment work

Opti-Pharma (UK)

Cabinet and fan system maintenance

Opti-Pharma UK is offering essential maintenance and refurbishment work to existing fume cupboards and associated extract systems.

The company can provide maintenance work for cabinets such as sash repairs, alarm panel replacements, chamber re-lining and electrical fault correction, which can be upgraded to comply with current standards. Fan systems can be overhauled on-site with new fan-belts and re-greasing of drive bearings. They can be removed, refurbished and refitted (if required) to return a faulty system back to its original 'as fitted' condition.Upon completion of all maintenance work,

Opti-Pharma engineers are able to carry out a complete validation service ensuring the client is left with a fully commissioned fume cupboard and associated extract system.

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