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Second-user systems are cost effective

Opti-Pharma (UK)

Surplus or redundant laboratory equipment is given a complete refurbishment and then given a second life by supplying them at a fraction of the original market value

With our throw away society contributing to global warming and climatic environment change, it is important for our very existence that we adopt a more conscientious approach to the way we handle our waste products, says Opti-Pharma UK. The company has been working on promoting green issues during the past months and removing surplus laboratory equipment such as class II safety cabinets, laminar flow cabinets and fume cupboards, providing complete refurbishment to these systems and giving them a second life by supplying these renovated systems at a fraction of the original market value. The company says that second-user systems are both a cost effective solution to the ever expanding laboratory and a global effective solution to the environment's needs to reduce our desire for disposal rather than repair. The company would be pleased to hear from organisations with equipment to dispose of or with a requirement for a refurbished system.

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