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Seeking a cure for sick laboratory syndrome

Opti-Pharma (UK)

Laboratory air quality monitoring

Current estimates suggest that employee absences cost British industry £12 billion in lost time; of this, 60% of illnesses are caused by germs in the workplace.

Air quality and links to sickness and employee absences have caused major problems for many organisations. It is suggested that diseases such as E coli and salmonella are lying undetected in many organisations.Opti-Pharma UK has recently been working to solve sickness issues with their ability to examine and report on the quality of air within a given environment.

Working alongside human resources Opti-Pharma consultants can test, inspect and report on working environments within office and laboratory facilities, from clean room monitoring to office block inspection.

This service can be extremely cost effective to clients in the long term.If you would like to discuss your air quality issues contact Opti-Pharma UK for professional advice.

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