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January 2015 has seen the completion of a major laboratory scheme at Ashland UK Acrylates. The project has enabled the client to further develop the historic site of Listers’ Mill (known as the largest silk factory in the World in the 1870’s) into a centre of excellence for research & development.

While the job was in progress Director Keith and his wife Sam celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary and stayed at Swinton Park Hotel. The Hotel was once the home of the Lister Family who owned the Mills in which work was been undertaken. Keith retraced Samuel Listers steps as he travelled to the site from the Hotel. It was noted it was probably a little quicker in the car that by Horse and cariage back in 1870.

The six month turnkey project has been driven forward as a joint venture between MSM Controls & Automation and Opti-Pharma (UK) Ltd. This now concludes a two-year successful program to provide the facility with state of the art scientific facilities, providing 39 Fume cupboards to the 7 laboratories. The project included new air handling plant, extraction upgrades, laboratory furnishings (design & build) and complete M&E installation including electrical upgrades to the complete facility (including advanced systems for control & automation). The project has been completed and commissioned into service on time and within budget.

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