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Inspection and remedial service for laboratories

Opti-Pharma (UK)

Inspection and remedial service

Opti-Pharma is offering an inspection and remedial service for laboratories utilising the latest technology.

27 October 2011

Specialist engineers inspect ducting run internals to provide clients with recorded footage of extract system internals to a distance of 15m. High-resolution digital images are provided, including recordable footage, utilising an LED-enhanced inspection camera. This service assists clients to seek out potential blockages occurring as a result of debris build-up and also provides the opportunity to search out issues with faulty damper controls and internal fire gates. As faults are found, Opti-Pharma engineers produce reports and quotations to assist in resolving these issues. Ductwork internals can be cleansed and, if required, sections can be replaced. As a direct result of this service, clients with low flow issues on fume cupboards and LEV systems are benefiting from improved extraction performance.

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